OMAXON Interactive White Board

Available in [78″, 84" & 89"] Infrared Technology and [78″, 84", 89" & 99"] Optical Technology

OMAXON InfraRed Interactive White Board

The OMAXON IR Interactive White Board® – In these smart whiteboards, infrared technology is used on the boards so that any kind of movements with the finger touch, interactive pen or stylus touch that can be tracked. With the pressing of the screen with the stylus or finger, the infrared light is received. The installed software manipulates the information so that the finger or stylus movements are located.

OMAXON Optical Interactive White Board

The OMAXON Optical Interactive White Board® – In this kind of interactive optical whiteboard, infrared light is used along with a triangulation algorithm, so that the location of the marker can be easily understood on the board. In this case, the main surface of the interactive whiteboard can be made of any material.

OMAXON Touch Panel Technicals

Touch Points

Up to 10 Touch Points

Energy Saver

The Omaxon Whiteboard saves energy through USB Power On

Easy Access

Connections ports include USB

Powerful Audio

Optional: Dual front Speakers

Featuring The OMAXON Smart White Board Teaching Software

Combining the interactive touch writing and drawing experiences together in one Software. Trainers and Teachers can start their interactive lessons at once.

Interactive Touch

Energize naturally with interactive pen, touch, and hand erase

Zoom Navigator

Unlimited work-space with zoom navigation


Separate the screen to multi-usage for students

Teacher Tools

Smart teaching tools with charts, tables, ruler and more

Save Sessions

Save, record your White board session and share it with the class

The OMAXON Teaching White Board Software is ideal for Teachers and Trainers to accomplish interactive lessons.

The World’s Most Natural Interactive Touch Experience

OMAXON Interactive White Board (with up to 10 Touch Points for InfraRed IR and Optical) is a great value for schools, universities, corporates, training centers, and associations that seek for Smarter educational technology, that reflects the way that students learn nowadays.

All the Interactive OMAXON WhiteBoards include OMAXON Learning Software, Trending Smart Education Apps and a standard three-year warranty.