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OMAXON Videos demonstrate how to Create an inspiring classroom & presentation experiences that leverages the education technology to energize the learning environment. UHD

OMAXON Touch Panel - Android Experience

Omaxon Interactive Educational Touch Panel - Android Experience

Omaxon LED Interactive Touch Panel - Screen Sharing - Mirroring

Omaxon Touch Panel - Drawing Experience on WhiteBoard Software

Omaxon Interactive Touch Panel - KG Kids Applications



Omaxon Classroom Software for Teachers, Students and Parents


OMAXON Touch Panel - Windows Experience

"OPS PC Inserted or VGA/HDMI Cable to a Computer/Laptop"

Omaxon Interactive Educational Touch Panel - Windows Experience

Omaxon Touch Panel - Writing Experience on Photos, PPT and PDF

The World’s Most Natural Touch Experience

OMAXON Interactive Touch Panel (with up to 20 Touch Points) is a great value for schools, universities, corporates, training centers, and associations that seek for Smarter educational technology, that reflects the way that students learn nowadays.

All the Interactive OMAXON Touch Panels include OMAXON Learning Software, Trending Smart Education Apps and a standard three-year warranty.

OMAXON Android OS Pre-Installed Applications: