OMAXON Smart School Platform

All­ in­ One School and University Management Platform

The Platform Solution

Managing a School can be a tedious job with a lot of activities happening at the same time. OMAXON Smart School Platform is your solution optimizing and innovating the learning experience to develop an ‘all round’ study approach. The most optimized feature sets in Schools and Colleges ERP Systems.

OMAXON Smart School Platform empowers the learning communities with a modern software platform ready to take on today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.


OMAXON Smart School Platform Highlights

Easy to Use

Outstanding user interface makes it easy to get started.

Flexible and Customizable

Any module can be adapted to fit your institution's needs.

Data Security

High-Level Data Security through Hashing and Key Signatures

Powerful Reports

Easily share data insights with stakeholders.

Featuring The OMAXON Smart School Platform

Software which includes everything your institution will ever need

School management software

Easily manage all your school duties from one place

Parent Teacher collaboration

Easy to Share Students behavior and results

Fee Management

Update Student Fees accept Payments.

ID Cards

Generate ID Cards for Students and Teachers


Save, import and export your school database at any time

The OMAXON Smart School Platform is ideal for institutions to accomplish outstanding results.