All­ in­ One OPS PC for Interactive Touch Panels

The OPS PC Solution

Unleash the possibilities of OMAXON’s Interactive Touch Panels with smart-designed computing module options. The OPS PC is a Windows® Module for schools and universities using the Microsoft® ecosystem.

OMAXON OPS PC comes in different processors i3 / i5 / i7 that empowers the learning communities with Windows Operating System to take on today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.


OMAXON OPS PC Highlights

Easy to Use

Outstanding user interface makes it easy to get started.


Any software can be adapted to fit your institution's needs.

Portable and Pluggable

Easy to be plugged into OMAXON Flat Panels

Powerful Performance

Solid-State Drive offering faster access with greater reliability.

Featuring The OMAXON OPS PC

A portable Computer that includes everything your institution need


Instantly convert your big screen into a giant all-in-one PC

Computing Performance

Powered by Intel Core Generations

Graphics Resolution

Support 4K Ultra HD Graphics


Easily connected with many ports USB, HDMI, LAN, VGA, ..etc

Cost Saving

Software installation and setup are much faster

The OMAXON OPS PC is ideal for Interactive Touch Panels.

24/7 Support

OMAXON OPS PC provides an outstanding global solution approach to its clients unlike so many other providers that do not provide the exact specifications required.