OMAXON Academy

Professional Development for Educators and Trainers

The Education Academy Solution

The OMAXON Professional Development Team offers a wide range of courses in the OMAXON Academy to help educators effectively implement today's technologies that transform learning environments and support institution achievements. Mixing solutions with technology to empower the learning abilities with the required tools to enhance the lesson-delivery and motivate communication engagements in classrooms with integrated technology.

OMAXON Academy empowers the learning communities with modern solutions ready to take on today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.


OMAXON Smart Academy Highlights

Course Catalogue

Providing educators with today's experiences

Your Badge

Earning OMAXON badges by completing courses

Events Participation

Attend the next OMAXON Technology Event.

OMAXON Meeting

Getting interviewed by OMAXON Team

Featuring The OMAXON Smart White Board Teaching Software

Combining the interactive touch writing and drawing experiences together in one Software. Trainers and Teachers can start their interactive lessons at once.

Interactive Touch

Energize naturally with interactive pen, touch, and hand erase

Zoom Navigator

Unlimited work-space with zoom navigation


Separate the screen to multi-usage for students

Teacher Tools

Smart teaching tools with charts, tables, ruler and more

Save Sessions

Save, record your White board session and share it with the class

The OMAXON Teaching White Board Software is ideal for Teachers and Trainers to accomplish interactive lessons.

247 Support

The problem with so many education consulting solution providers is that, they never provide a 247 real person in front for answering the School’s questions to achieve the required vision as quick as possible. OMAXON Education Consulting provides an outstanding 3-way approach to solve and answer all your School's needs.